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Meet our UC Family Brand Reps

Ingrid (Wilmington, DE)



Hi, my name is Ingrid and I've been using bath bombs for 12 years. I've been creating demos for 5. I use bath bombs as part of my back pain therapy so I take baths every single day and therefore have tried many, many bombs. I also love body washes and bubble bars but I’m not into chopping. Excited to continue on representing Unique Commodities in 2021!


Lauren (Alexandria, VA)



As a mom and an avid hiker and exerciser who also has a very demanding career in marketing, finding time to take care of myself and relax and decompress is equal parts difficult and imperative. One of the things I love about Terronda and Unique Commodities is her constant focus on creating the best products and providing the best experience for her customers.

Not only are her products beautifully crafted, she also constantly invites and welcomes input from her customers. Her beautiful attitude and commitment manifests into every product she releases. I am so grateful to be a part of the UC family, and to call her my friend.


Holly (Highland Ranch, CO)




My name is Holly, I live in Colorado. I’m married with 3 daughters and we have 3 crazy dogs. I’m very passionate about business, fitness, running, traveling, baths and the color black! The only color you will see on me most day is my tattoo. I’m finishing my sleeve this year and am so excited. My favorite time of the day is when I can get in my bath and shut off🖤


Justine (Ucel, France)

IG: moon.v.iron


My name is Justine, I currently live in France, I’m 29 and a crazy cat lady. Baths are my passion for now 6 years , and turned into my dream job ! Your bath bombs look awesome with crazy colourful embeds and the signature UC shape


Hannah (Tampa, FL)

IG: HannahisHere



I live in Tampa FL & I have a 10 yr old son & 8yr old daughter who are nuts lol my husband is a tattoo artist and I'm a bath enthusiast clearly lol. I love UC bodywashes! Smell incredible & super creamy and nice!



Mary (Indianapolis, IN)

IG: _BathQueen_



Hello! My name is Mary and I’m excited to be here! I consider myself very lucky to have such a great family and job in these times. I have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband.

I enjoy bathing because it’s such a good way to relax. My favorite products of UC are definitely their body washes. They are great for a creamy lather or for a nice smelling, sudsy bath. I hope to make many friends here!


Veronica (Stockton, CA)

IG: Lady_V_209


I'm a mom of 4 kids, my youngest is 14. I live in not always sunny california, I am a student & a community activist within my town of Stockton,Ca. I love doing things within my community because when I was at my lowest my community helped raise me up. The reason I love bath products is because after a long day - a nice hot bath is a way to unwind and reflect on my day.They also make me feel beautiful! Sometimes a nice bath with a colorful bomb and some bubbles makes EVERYTHING better! The reason I love UC products, is because they are affordable, they smell amazing and the colors are so bright.

Shelly (Oil City, PA)

IG:  ShellyTheLush


I am a single mother of two - one is 25 and lives hours away  The other is a 16 year old sophomore attending cyber school from home. I love being a parent ....they are my world.

My daughter originally got me interested in bath bombs, bubble bars, etc. At first it was just something “different” but found it was a way to relax or boost my mood.  I also soon realized that some scent combinations “take you back” to certain places in time. Sometimes with one sniff of things, a whole story can be told.

I was impressed by the Unique Commodities bath bomb scent notes. I smelled & smelled things and actually picked up the notes. Sometimes people just throw together some things and hope for the best....YOUR bath bomb smelled incredible. It was everything!! That bath oil was mind blowing. I loved how everything made my skin feel. Definitely BEYOND impressed!